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Welcome to My Massage Shop

My Massage Shop is West Kelowna’s premier distribution point for all things massage, physio & wellness-related. Since our inception we’ve made it our mission to offer both an extensive and high quality product line backed by the industry’s most trusted manufacturers & suppliers.

All products offered by My Massage Shop have been tested by industry professionals to ensure the end user receives the same standard of supplies used in a clinical setting.

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High quality carrier oils in all container sizes for your needs. Used since ancient Rome, carrier oils dilute highly concentrated essential oils before applied to the skin.

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Carrier Oils

Cradle covers, blankets, pillows and sheets in various sizes. Keep your practice clean, comfortable and professional with our high quality linens.

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A staple of every massage practice. Our massage gels, oils and lotions come with natural and paraben-free options in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

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Gels, Oils & Lotions

The hardest working items inside any massage studio. Repackage oils or have your clients favourites ready to go. Many sizes and dispense methods to choose from.

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Bottles & Pumps

Creams and pads for your hot and cold therapy needs. Help reduce pain in your client’s joints or provide relief to aches and pains in muscles and ligaments.

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Hot & Cold

Our cleaning products will keep your practice free of unwanted contaminates while remaining gentle to your equipment, maintaining quality and comfort for clients.

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Cleaning Supplies


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Massage Table & Chair Rentals

My Massage Shop offers massage tables, chairs and add ons for rent to our West Kelowna community and the Okanagan Valley. Options for every timeline and need. Pick up your rental at our warehouse or have it delivered.

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We started with the desire to improve access to quality massage therapy products after being dissatisfied with the products we used in our own practices. We want our clients to know they are receiving the best care possible with the best products available. If you or your company share that philosophy feel free to contact us and find out how you can get involved.


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