Let's Give Our Laundry Some Love

Let’s talk laundry. Unfortunately, laundry is a byproduct of massage. I used to chuckle to myself when I read articles that suggested to hang dry massage linens. If that were the case, we would be swimming in laundry on a daily basis. In an ideal world, I would love to hang dry linens, but until we come across the world’s largest clothes line, we are looking for alternative ways to respect the environment while being energy efficient, cost effective, and have beautiful linens all at the same time. Phew!

Linen care begins with proper laundering of your linens. At The Modern Therapist, we have some tips to make the laundering process easier on the environment and the wallet;

  • Wash in cold or warm water, not in hot water
  • Less is more when it comes to detergent; Using too much detergent per load when washing flannel can breakdown fabrics
  • Separate wash loads based on fabrics first and then by colour second
  • DO NOT over-dry or dry on high heat – tumble dry on low heat when possible
  • DO NOT overstuff a laundry load – this can cause unnecessary friction in fabrics and lead to piling in flannel linens
  • DO NOT use bleach – bleach will damage the linen fibers. Opt for ½ cup of vinegar added to the washing load to brighten linens
  • Check your sizing of your sheets as massage linens will often come in multiple sizes. The width of your table might allow for a smaller draw sheet that will impact the number of laundry loads in a day
  • Select an energy efficient washer/dryer (check with your local government for rebates)
  • Check out further care instructions for our linens at: