Where Does Our Linen Waste Go?

You have stretched the life span of your sheets and are ready to replace your used linens. But where does your linen waste go? Most would toss the yellowed, thinning, frayed sheet in the trash. It seems there are few options when it comes to disposing of used linens. A recent 2018 article by Rae Stewart of Castanet sites a staggering statistic of 12 million tons a year of textile waste is dumped into North American landfills.

At The Modern Therapist, if you bring us your used linens when you are ready to purchase your next set you will save 5% towards the purchase of your next linens with us. We have paired up with local organizations who will recycle or repurpose your used textiles to give it a second life.

See below for where we recycle:

  • Diabetes Canada
  • Kelowna Branch BC SPCA
  • Value Village
  • Clothing for A Cause
  • SHARE Society