Our Story

Hi! I’m Suzanne Peterec, a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) that spent far too many hours in a dimly lit room using substandard products that made my chosen profession far more difficult than it needed to be. Amid my seemingly endless search for high quality goods spawned the idea of offering my own brand of product accompanied by other top-tier manufacturers that understood the importance of both their practitioners’ and clients’ needs as well. And thus, My Massage Shop was born – a distribution point for all things massage-related located in the heart of the Okanagan in British Columbia.

The oils, linens and lotions offered through My Massage Shop have been rigorously tested in my own clinic for the better part of four years now and have undergone the most intense scrutiny not only by my staff, but myself as well. Each and every product offered by My Massage Shop had a single goal in mind – to be well-presented, soft to the touch, and offer an unparalleled level of durability. There’s been an enormous amount of detail and effort put into the packaging of every item, so you can be proud of the product being offered to your clientele. They’ll feel good about the product they get to experience, while you’ll feel spectacular using it.

Massage Products & Equipment Online | My Massage Shop | Suzanne Deault - Owner
Suzanne Deault