Selecting The Right Detergent

  • Stain removal: Does it breakdown stains whether they are oil (lipids), proteins (blood) or carbohydrates
  • Is it Cost Effective? Do not be scared by the initial cost as a lot of detergents on the market are highly concentrated, requiring as little as 30mL per wash. Look at the number of loads you can obtain from the bottle of detergent when purchasing.
  • Is it Hypo-allergenic?
  • Is it Bacteriostatic? (Helps to prevent microbial growth on items cleaned)
  • Is it Biodegradable and is not harmful to septic or sewer systems?
  • Is it Colour Safe? Always test on inconspicuous area first!
  • We use Myo-Ther N-Zyme for its dual purpose spot pre-treatment and highly concentrated solution but would love to hear what you find effective for your linens!