Face-Down Surgery

This is a surgical procedure that is used for a variety of repairs and once completed, a saline, gas or oil bubble may be injected into the vitreous gel to help hold the retina in position. This bubble serves to hold the retina back into normal position while the eye heals.

We offer a selection of post-op positioning equipment to make your recovery more comfortable, while abiding by post-op instructions.

Rental Options

Massage Chair

Easy set-up, great for small spaces and to maintain face-down positioning during the day time.

Massage Table

Ideal for laying face down in comfort when home mattress kit is not an option.

Two-Way Mirror

Facilitates conversation and TV watching

Mattress Kit

Converts home bed into face-down sleeping position.

Table Top Unit

Converts Table into face down positioning for reading or using a tablet

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We offer a selection of post op positioning equipment to make your recovery as comfortable as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

You should contact your surgeon’s office for recommended healing times, however planning for 1 week of face down positioning in common. The length of time required for healing depends on multiple factors and should be discussed with your surgeon. Please contact us if you are needing to extended or shorten the duration of your rental.

Please refer to our assembly videos for set up and installation. The set up of our chair and table package depends on adequate spacing in the home. The home mattress kit is best suited for mattresses with a box-spring set up, and no foot board as it slides in-between the two. It can always be installed on the side of the bed, however that would leave for lying horizontally across your mattress. The table top unit is best suited for a sturdy surface (preferably non-glass) table top. Please contact us for specific installation instructions prior to booking.

All rental items should fit in standard size trunks or back seats. If you are concerned about vehicle space, or need assistance in the home set up and delivery, please contact us to arrange delivery and set up prior to booking.

Using the two-way mirror, position the mirror towards the television to help pass the time. This mirror also enables you to see who you are conversing with. Most clients like to bring this mirror with them to surgery, to see the surgeon post-op.

The home mattress kit is compatible with most bed’s, and allows you to still sleep face down in your own bed, while maintaining face down positioning.

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